Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cool Mom vs Responsible Mom

Many of you are tired of the political posts and comments that everyone has been making. You have every right to be tired and annoyed by them. You also have every right to stop reading this right now because I have every right to post whatever I want on my blog. That's the beauty of the internet now-a-days. Everyone has a voice and anyone can say whatever they want to say. I have not blogged about any of this yet but I've decided to share my thoughts about how I view our candidates.

We all know those "cool moms". They are the ones who would check their kids out of school because their kid slept in. These moms would get upset at the teacher when their child was failing a class instead of getting upset with the child, or let their child drive the car with other friends in it when they didn't actually have anything more than a learners permit. These moms would make their kid's bed and clean their room. They would "rescue" their child before anything bad could happen to them and then if something bad DID happen to them they would blame anyone but their child. These moms wouldn't allow room for consequences or punishments and would give their child all they needed and wanted without the child ever having to earn any of it. Often research has shown (google it barbara) these children grow up insecure and unstable. They haven't learned for themselves how to overcome hardship or that there are consequences to their actions.

Then there are "responsible moms". This was my mother, thank goodness. I knew she loved me because she allowed me to learn and grow. She didn't step in and control every situation. My Mom didn't yell at my math teacher when I wasn't doing well in math, she didn't confront my basketball coach when I didn't start as Point Guard for a game, and she didn't always drive me to school if I missed the bus, I would have to walk (which didn't happen often because I knew from experience that she meant it!). I never questioned my mothers love for me, NOT ONCE, and I mean that 110 percent. I've always known she loves me ESPECIALLY when she allows me to figure things out for myself and doesn't step in to "save" me in every situation.

Obama is a Cool Mom. Romney is a Responsible Mom. This is NOT to say that Obama is a bad person. I am not one of those extremest who believes that Obama is an illegal immigrant who wants to take over the world. I do believe though, despite what a few (a very few) of my friends think, that there are some key differences between the two candidates. The differences expand way beyond what I am talking about here, but for me I see Obama as a Party Mom and I want a Responsible Mom.

Obama is a Cool Mom-Goes to all the talk shows, makes the right jokes, says the right things, has all the "cool friends" ie. Hollywood support. He knows how to speak to the people who don't check the facts. He wants to "save" all of his struggling children before we learn on our own. He wants to provide us with all of our needs AND our wants instead of allowing us to be self sufficient. That's why so many people LOVE Obama. Many of us feel entitled and many of us LOVE having things handed to us. Sure as a child it's nice to be handed a brand new toy you've been wanting forever, but how much cooler is it to earn that toy yourself? How much more special is something if you've put your own sweat and tears into earning it?

About the Auto Bail out, just to set the record straight (and Obama asked you to check the record and the facts...but did you? Or did you just believe him?) Romney said, "It is not wrong to ask for government help, but the automakers should come up with a win-win proposition." (You can read his whole speech here. Don't read what other people are saying he said, read what he actually said, Obama claimed that he said the government should not help at all and in any way. This simply was not true. Then he told you to check the facts. Well, there they are. Party Mom, wanting to save his children, Responsible Mom wanting to help his children by helping them learn for themselves, even if it is the hard way.

There are so many other examples, but in an effort to make sure I don't offend anyone I should probably refrain.

The point is that while Cool Mom may mean well, and may be a great person, research has proven the Responsible Mom raises structured children who are well balanced because they had to endure and go through hard times and learn how to be self sufficient. Both Moms love us. But as a friend stated in Facebook feed, "Guys, Obama and Romney, they are both great" I agree, they might both be great people, but I choose the Responsible Mom over the Party Mom any day. My blurb here is not about whether Obama is a bad person who is an extremest or not, it is about who is the better man for the job as our President and to that I say thanks Mom, for being Responsible Mom. Because of my first hand experience about how important it is to have a Mom like you, I will be voting for a Responsible President.

You can agree or disagree with this post. If I have any facts wrong you can set them straight. The truth is, it doesn't really matter does it? I have done my research beyond fox news or CNN. I have looked at the facts not the blind and often untrue statements and I have made my decision.

***warning-this part is really just to get something off my chest and isn't that relevant to the rest of my post...sorry
 I have learned my lesson about healthy debates. They are NOT to be had on a Facebook feed, especially if you are stating your opinion which opposed that of the original poster because then all his/her cousins and friends and family gets on and chews you out just for respectfully disagreeing. People like it when you comment on their posts but only if it's in agreement with their bias statements. In this argument I was having about Health Care on FB I simply stated that in my experience (while I recognize the system is NOT perfect and does need major help) I was satisfied with the care given to my daughter in the NICU and instead of paying over 200,000 dollars I only had to pay 5,000. I was happy with that! I understand not everyone has had my experience and I can't say I've always been 100 percent satisfied, but in this instance I was grateful for my private insurance and for the way the hospital worked with us and provided excellent care. The response by a friend to that comment was something like, "Wow, I find it so funny that we both come from wealthy families and yet you still had to pay as much as 5,000." What? What the heck does that mean? If you're for Obamacare (which he was) then shouldn't you be in favor of the rich paying more? I should have asked him to clarify but I refrained when I realized we were not having a healthy and respectful debate. One comment on the feed said in all seriousness, "I can't understand who wouldn't want free Healthcare?" Well that's when I realized that many of the people in the discussion didn't even have the concept of what Obamacare was! I was accused of getting all my facts from Fox news (which I never watch) but it seemed to me that most the Obamacare supporters on that thread saw only a "gimme" that we would all have free healthcare and the world would be a happier place. Obama has said multiple times "IT IS NOT FREE HEALTHCARE!". To this day it bothers me that I don't understand what my friend's comment meant about my family being rich (especially since my Dad's wealth had nothing to do with my little family of 3. It was OUR bill to pay, not my Dads) I should ask him, but really I should probably just let it go.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun in The Woodlands

Date Night at The Waterway

 This picture would be sooo cool, if I had a quality camera.
 Playing at the splash pad that's across the street from our house.
 Slowly but surely we're finding fun stuff to do here in this hot, humid, buggy, beautiful place!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Before and After

Here are just a few pics of the home thus far. We're slowly but surely tackling one project at a time. First of all when we moved in the fireplace was the color of our trim, and we thought it all was a bit bland and boring. So we did a bold thing and painted it red. And we love it.

Before ( I know this is not a good picture, but it's the only one we have where you can see what the color of the fireplace was.
And Jaydia's Nursery-

The nursery isn't complete quite yet. And, contrary to popular belief, the hammer, nails and measuring tape actually don't go on her dresser. Sorry it looks so messy. I was going to clean it up for the photo shoot, but Jaydia was asking me to please get out of her room so she could go to sleep (ya right). More to come as Christian finishes making our bed and we put some finishing touches on the rest of the rooms.

Monday, August 13, 2012


This is old news and long overdue, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all those who made my birthday an almost perfect one! It would have been perfect if Christian was here. First I woke up to my Mom slaving away in the kitchen, making my all time favorite breakfast,
Then Jaydia and I got to have some Face Time with our besties, Gentry and Zoe,
Then while I was on the phone with Gent, somebody came to the door with this from my sweet husband,
Also my husband, Christians parents, and my parents all got me this,
Then my amazing friends, Chelsea, Megan and Marianne showed up with all this,
Then my incredible parents took me and my little sis Jasmine here

Then it just so happens that I know some people in Cedar Hills and they decided to spout off some fireworks for me, so I went to a firework show with my in-laws and then went back to the Smiths and played games. Ah, good times. Good people.
With all that, plus the phone calls, FB messages, and texts it was quite the extraordinary birthday. I have some pretty great people in my life. Thanks everyone.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We bought a house!! It was only 1.3 Mil!
Joke. This isn't our house.  Gah haha. I'm awesome. 

We did it. We did something I never could have imagined doing. Not only did we move, we moved to a place I told Christian I would never move. Yet here we are. And the worst part is...we're happy. We miss family like crazy but this feels like where we are supposed to be right now. It feels like home for now. It's actually quite strange how calm and peaceful we are about it.
I know you're only supposed to look at the positives, but it ain't all roses here in the great state of Texas.  Here are some pros and cons.
Pro-We have a MASSIVE back yard. This literally is only the half of it.

Con-We discovered that no one here uses back yards (unless there is a pool in it) or plays in the grass. Sweet. Now what do we do with our yard? Our back yard is also home to turtles, bunnies, frogs and I'm sure many other awesome insects and killer bugs. And please take note that I don't mean "killer" in like a stellar awesome 80's way, I mean it in like a flesh eating ruin your life way. (Also please take note that I've never stepped foot out there and have yet to see any really scary pests. I just hear things and that's enough to keep me off.)

Pro-We  get to drive by this beautiful lake every day!!! This photo doesn't do it justice. I took it while Christian sped down the parkway. It's called Lake Woodlands. Google it Barbara.
Con-There used to be an alligator in it (until it got hit by a car) and they have also found Pacu fish in it (cousin to the Piranha).

Pro-The shopping here is awesome. They have a beautiful Mall with a Pottery Barn and a waterway. There is also an area called Market Street that has amazing restaurants, great shopping, local bands, green space to play, farmers markets, and so on. I love it there.
Con-If you think I have anything negative to say about these shopping centers you are sorely mistaken.

Pro- Exercise is good for you.
Con-I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to run or else my shoes would melt.
Pro-The Olympics are on.
Con-Once they leave me I will have no friends and nothing to do all day.
Pro-We have an AMAZING concert venue just 10 minutes down the road and my all time favorite artist Florence+The Machine is coming to concert!!!
Con-Christian doesn't really care to go, and we don't have a baby sitter for Jaydia. Should I just go alone? I would. I might. I'll let you know.

Our neighborhood is great. There is also an aquatic center nearby that we haven't been to yet and really cool nature walks, hikes, and bike trails. This is a picture of the entry into our little neighborhood. I love it.
All in all life is great. It's been a lot of fun getting settled in to our new place. Pest Control people are coming every 2 months and I have an Air Conditioning system that works great. What more could I need in a place like this?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Outta here.

There once was a day that looked like this...(job interview in Texas)

That day turned in to this...

Then I was all like this...

Then we decided to do this...

And now, the truth is...we're moving to Texas and we feel pretty darn good about it ya'll. (I've always wanted a legit excuse to say that!)
Well be living in a place called Spring or The Woodlands which is about 30 minutes north of Houston. Christian accepted a job at NOV (National Oilwel Varco) where he'll be doing all sorts of important engineering things. We leave tomorrow to go find ourselves a house and survey the neighborhoods. I'm really just hoping and praying we end up in a good neighborhood with people who want to be friends with us. I can't imagine leaving our family and friends but I don't think about that too often yet. We'll be packing up a penske, towing the worthless Subaru (I say "worthless" cause you all probably think it is, but it really isn't to me. We've been besties since I turned 16) and I'll be driving the super cool Mazda3 behind (or probably in front of) Christian. With Jaydia in the back seat. Wow. Lets not think about that for now.
Either way we'll all be okay as long as we have this,

Oops! I mean this,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Gift

Thank you for the Gift. You could have been anywhere, with any family, maybe even your biological one. But you found your way to ours instead. And we found our way to you. You belong with us. Forever. So thank you, for the gift of you.

The way you laugh.
The way we laughed the same laugh together.
The way you hated smiling with your teeth, but when you did...Wow.
The way you hugged so tight.
The way you looked at Jaydia.
The way you apologized when you felt bad for something.
The way you rolled your eyes at my silly sense of humor.
The way you love longboarding like I do.
The way you appreciate music the way I do.
The way you always told me to stop singing aloud in the car.
The way you would always sing aloud in your bathroom.
The way you looked at me when I asked a stupid question.
The way you treated all animals.
The way you hated wearing shoes.
The way you intimidated most of my friends.
The way you stood up for who ever was loosing the family argument.
The way you protected the beliefs of others.
The way you love your Mother.
The way you love us all just the way we are.
The way you sat by the fire with me and played "would you rather".
The way you played the flute.
The way you were naturally athletic.
The way you drew.
The way you hated to see other people in pain.
The way you wished you could take pain from others and give it to yourself.

The way in which all who really knew you, could see Christ in the little things you'd do and say. You resembled him more than you ever knew. I wish you would have seen it. Oh it was amazing. Your compassion, your kindness, your bravery, your love, your selflessness.

Maybe because of you, I can be a little more kind. A little more patient. A little more loving. A little more brave. A little more accepting. Maybe because of you, I can be a little more Christlike. So thank you, for The Gift of You!